When it comes to photographing wildlife, a good picture is worth at least a thousand words. A great picture is one that captures something beyond just what the eye sees; it conveys a sense of the animal or place or time and lets the viewer see the scene in an entirely new light. We call it capturing the "telling moment."

The pursuit of great photos has been, and will continue to be, our objective with our underwater and wildlife photography. Sometimes it is almost possible to sense animal's distinct personality. Other times it is enough just to bear witness to the beauty and drama of nature.

We hope that some of the photos on this site stir positive feelings within you and make you smile. You might even share a few "telling moments."

We'd love to know if and when that happens.

Glenn & Pam

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Grand Cayman

Feather and Fins

The silvered curve—a quick and simple shape
that cuts the water—that's where it begins.
Exploring in a gorgeous oceanscape,
the sapphire beauty symbolized by Fins.
Now cross horizon's shimmer into sky,
as winds toss waves, and froth the two together.
The boundless possibilities — to fly! —
the airy, azure altitude of Feather.
Two ways to see, two different worlds, two hearts.
Feather and Fins: two faces of one coin.
Fine photographs can capture only part
of what is found when these two worlds are joined.
The memories and years dissolve into
one shimmering tranquility of blue.

By Jan Bottiglieri